Marketing Tips & Tricks

Links to Our Favourite SEO Resources

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot is a marketing and CRM mogul. It has plenty of free resources to get you going and many of HubSpot Academy’s courses are free. Explore the other templates available with HubSpot as well to kickstart your marketing planning.


Moz has simple free tools available for a quick look into your SEO. The free resources are good to get your feet wet and heading in the right direction. Of course, you’ll get the most out of the paid version.


SEMRUSH’s free SEO resources take some time to implement and utilize, but if you put in the time, it will offer you insights into your website and target that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Social Media Scheduling Tools

There is no master scheduling tool for social media. Each scheduler is missing a piece of the platform puzzle. Don’t be surprised if you need to access multiple social media schedules to schedule your posts across your desired platforms.

Hootsuite’s Top 15 Scheduling Tools

We’ll let Hootsuite’s blog share the list of the top scheduling software.

Free, Free, Free Social Media Tools

Each social media platform has its own limited free scheduler.

Within the Meta planner, you can schedule posts, reels, and stories to Facebook, but you can’t schedule stories or reels to Instagram (yet).

As long as you don’t want to post a carousel, you can schedule posts on LinkedIn.

TikTok also has a scheduling feature if you access it via desktop. It’s limited, and you may need to add some features on the mobile app once you’ve scheduled it.

We’ll add some more marketing tips & tricks to this page as we have time. Keep checking back!